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High End  Patio Sets with Factory-Direct Wholesale Prices.

                 Las Vegas Showroom & Repair Shop:  4350 Arville St #220, Las Vegas, NV 89103;  
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                 Mesa Showroom: 507 E. University Drive (at Mesa Drive)
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  Patio Sets with Custom Sunbrella Cushions

Both of our Las Vegas and Phoenix showroom has on-site cushion sewing shop to meet your requirements on custom Sunbrella cushions. Most job can be done in 7 to 10 days.

      Sunbrella fabrics come with a warranty of 5 years on color fading              

         By cost, we group all Sunbrella fabrics into three grades: Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. Grade A is canvas solids and plain stripes, the lowest in prices. Grade B is textured solids and textured stripes, which is more expensive than Grade A fabrics. Grade C is floral and patterned designs, the highest in prices. Please see "Sunbrella Fabric Colors" page for details. The following patio sets are maked with 3 prices, Grade A price / Grade B price / Grade C price,  for different fabric choice.

        For Sunbrella fabric selection, please visit the page of " Sunbrella Fabric Colors" within this website or visit:

      Please call Richard  at 702-757-1199 to discuss your custom orders (10 am to 6 pm, Pacific Time). With a guaranteed frieight of $100, we can ship your orders to any address in CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV, ID, UT, CO, WY, NM and MT.

HY-521-2   Sectional Half-Moon 4pc Seating Set with Custom Sunbrella Cushion: 

$1,790.00/set (Grade A) ;   $1,990.00/set (Grade B) ;  $2,190.00/set (Grade C)

Span: 11 feet; Seating Depth: 28";  Coffee Table: 32" in Diameter

HY-521-3  Sectional 3/4 Moon Curved Seating Set with Custom Sunbrella Cushion:

$2,690/set (Grade A);  $2,990/set (Grade B);  $3.290/set (Grade C)

The set includes 3 curved loveseats, 2 wedge tables and one coffee table.

HY-521-4  Sectional Full-Moon Seating Set with Custom Sunbrella Cushions:

$3,980/set (Grade A);  $4,380/set (Grade B);  $4,780/set (Grade C)

The Set Includes 4 Curved Loveseats, 3 Wedge Tables and 1 Fire Pit

S-522  7pc. Dining Set, 83" x 42" Dining Table with Glass Top + 2 Swivel Dining Chairs + 4 Regular Dining Chairs

with Custom Sunbrella Cushion

$2,290/set (Grade A);  $2,450/set (Grade B);  $2,590/set (Grade C)

HY-501 4pc Seating Set with Custom Sunbrella Cushions. 1 Loveseat, 2 Club Chairs and 1 Coffee Table

$990/set (Grade A);  $1,090/set (Grade B);  $1250/set (Grade C)

HY-909  Sectional 9pc U-Shape Seating Set with Custom Sunbrella Cushion

$2,090/set (Grade A);   $2,380/set (Grade B);    $2.690/set (Grade C) 

HY-516  Sectional 4pc L-Shape Sectional Set: 2 One-Arm Loveseats, 1 Corner Chairs and 1 Square Coffee Table

$1049/set (Grade A);    $1199/set (Grade B);   $1390/set (Grade C)

HY-519  Sectional 8pc Seating Set:  1 club Chair, 1 ottoman, 1 coffee table, 3 corner chairs, 2 armless chairs

$1930/set (Grade A);    $2120/set ( Grade B);  $2280/set (Grade C)

HY-517   3pc Chaise Lounge Set:  2 Single Chaise Lounges (12"H x 27"W x 76"L) , 1 Side Table (12"x20"x20")

$949/set (Grade A);  $1049/set (Grade B);  $1189/set (Grade C)